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For technical questions about building energy codes, or for assistance with REScheck or COMcheck applications, please complete and submit the following form.  Please do not submit requests with non-standard characters (e.g., %, ', /, &) in the subject, e-mail address, or name fields. Someone from our technical support staff will respond to you by e-mail.


Our ability to address REScheck/COMcheck issues will be enhanced significantly if you submit a project data file. To submit a project data file, it will be necessary for you to first submit a question/request, then wait for the helpdesk inquiry confirmation email, then attach your project data file to that email.

COMcheck Desktop: Project data file to submit will have a ".cck" or ".cxl" file extension.
COMcheck-Web: Projects can be downloaded to your local PC (having .cxl file extensions) then submitted to us.

REScheck Desktop: Project data file to submit will have a ".rck" or ".rxl" file extension.
REScheck-Web: Projects will be accessible to help desk staff provided you submit the account holders email and the project name that needs to be reviewed.

To make suggestions for website content unrelated to REScheck/COMcheck or to report issues with the website, please use the webmaster contact form


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When asking a question, please be sure to outline all pertinent details, including the applicable energy code version and location of your project or code question.