The adoption of model codes presents a significant opportunity to save energy in residential and commercial buildings. The U.S. does not have a national energy code or standard, so energy codes are adopted at the state and local levels of government. Through the Building Energy Codes Program (BECP), DOE provides technical assistance to state and local governments to help facilitate the adoption process. This support also includes tracking state adoption status, coordinating activities among stakeholders, and technical analysis.

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Adoption Process

Energy code adoption processes vary, depending upon how the code is adopted and implemented at statewide or local levels.

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Status of State Energy Codes

Overview of current energy code adoption status for U.S. states and territories.

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Analysis of Statewide Adoption Rates by Local Jurisdictions

Technical Assistance

For state energy offices and policymakers, as well as designers, builders, code officials, or anyone involved in the compliance process.

  • State Assistance—various types are available, including the formation of adoption plans, economic analysis, cost impacts and analysis
  • The Resource Center offers a variety of information, including code notes, resource guides, frequently asked questions, publications, and model adoption policies
  • Submit a question to our help desk.

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