State Technical Assistance

DOE provides technical assistance to help states and local code enforcement jurisdictions adopt, upgrade, implement, and enforce their residential and commercial building energy codes. This assistance may take the form of

  • Analysis of energy savings and cost impacts associated with code adoption
  • Comparative analysis of future code options
  • Potential modification of model code language
  • Customized educational materials
  • Web-based or in-person training programs
  • Compliance resources and software tools.

Funding to provide no-cost technical assistance is limited. In assessing each request, DOE may consider the following issues:

  • Potential impact of the proposed assistance
  • Reach based on current practices and construction starts
  • Consistency with DOE adoption and compliance goals.

Technical assistance requests submitting by states may be prioritized over those requested by localities. All formal state-level technical assistance requests must be made using the Technical Assistance Form.

State Energy Program

The DOE State Energy Program (SEP) provides grants to the states to design and carry out their own energy efficiency and renewable energy programs.