Residential Code Development

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The residential building energy code development process is administered by the International Code Council (ICC). The ICC performs periodic revisions through an established processes, allowing stakeholder participation from industry, the public and governmental entities. Once the revision process is completed, a new edition of the model code is published, allowing for adoption by states and localities.

Support and Analysis

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) participates in the development of residential building codes and standards to foster increased efficiency in new and existing homes and low-rise residential buildings by incorporating cost-effective energy efficiency measures. In support of this goal, DOE evaluates benefits associated with code changes:

DOE reviews the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) and related standards for opportunities to save energy, and develops proposed changes with supporting documentation for consideration. For the IECC, DOE develops and submits proposed changes and supports those proposals through the public hearing process. DOE also maintains membership on the ASHRAE 90.2 Standing Standards Project Committee. More information on these processes may be found by visiting the ASHRAE or ICC websites.

For more information on the DOE role in the development of building energy codes, visit the About section of this website. Past residential DOE code change proposals for the IECC are also archived.