DOE Commercial Code Change Proposals for the 2009/2010 ICC Code Development Cycle

The U.S. Department of Energy submitted 56 code change proposals for the International Code Council's (ICC) Code Development Cycle produced the 2012 I-codes. Thirty-two of the proposals were primarily related to commercial buildings, 24 were for residential buildings. The proposals were mainly to the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) though most of the residential proposals also applied to Chapter 11 of the International Residential Code.

The central theme of the DOE proposals is to improve energy efficiency. Additionally, for commercial buildings DOE attempted to make the IECC more consistent with ASHRAE Standard 90.1. Finally, some proposals were not intended to change requirements but rather improve the usability of the codes, fix wording, correct errors, etc.

DOE invited discussion on these proposals and on preparations for the ICC code hearings that took place from October 24 through November 11, 2009, in Baltimore, Maryland.

The proposals are available for download in compressed (.zip) file format.

Publication Date: 
Wednesday, March 17, 2010