This page identifies industry events related to building energy codes, such as conferences and other venues where information is exchanged. In addition, the DOE Building Energy Codes Program provides opportunities for the general public to participate in program activities, including stakeholder meetings and comment periods. To receive announcements and updates from the Building Energy Codes Program, join our mailing list.

Industry Conferences

Event Dates Type of Event
2016 ICC Group B Public Comment Hearings Oct. 19, 2016 to Oct. 26, 2016 Public Hearing
2017 ICC Committee Action Hearings (Group C Codes) Apr. 23, 2017 Public Hearing
2017 ICC Annual Conference Oct. 22, 2017 to Oct. 25, 2017 Conference
2017 ICC Group C Public Comment Hearings Oct. 25, 2017 to Dec. 02, 2017 Public Hearing
2018 ICC Committee Action Hearings (Group A Codes) Apr. 22, 2018 Public Hearing
2018 ICC Annual Conference Oct. 21, 2018 Conference
2018 ICC Group A Public Comment Hearings Oct. 23, 2018 to Dec. 02, 2018 Public Hearing


Program Participation

Event Date Type of Event
Updating and Improving the DOE Methodology for Assessing the Cost-effectiveness of Building Energy Codes Apr. 14, 2015 Request for Information
2015 IECC Preliminary Determination Sep. 26, 2014 Federal Register Notice
Standard 90.1-2013 Final Determination Sep. 26, 2014 Federal Register Notice
Standard 90.1-2013 Preliminary Determination May. 15, 2014 Federal Register Notice
Program Overview & Residential Development Meeting Apr. 24, 2014 Program Stakeholder Meeting
BECP Stakeholder Meeting Apr. 11, 2014 Federal Register Notice
DOE Compliance Tools Support Mar. 18, 2014 Federal Register Notice
Compliance Methodology Update Aug. 06, 2013 Request for Information
10 CFR 433: Commercial Federal Buildings Jul. 09, 2013 Federal Register Notice
DOE Participation in the IECC: 2015 IECC Proposals Jun. 05, 2013 Federal Register Notice