Ohio State Certification of Commercial and Residential Building Energy Codes

The Board conducted public hearings on November 13, 2009 and January 21, 2011 on proposed updates to the Ohio Building Code including updating the referenced ASHRAE 90.l Standard from the 2004 to the 2007 edition. The Board subsequently adopted these updates effective November 1, 2011 for all new nonresidential construction in Ohio.

The Residential Construction Advisory Committee recommended to the Board that it update the referenced IECC Standard from the 2006 to the 2009 edition, adopt the Ohio Home Builders Association Prescriptive Energy Code Option, and adopt the International Residential Code Chapter 11 requirements with U.S. Department of Energy recommended changes to achieve energy efficiency equivalency to the 2009 IECC as all valid options for energy code compliance in Ohio. The Board accepted the recommendations of the RCAC and conducted a public hearing on these and other updates to the Residential Code of Ohio on April 26, 2012. The Board subsequently adopted these updates effective January 1, 2013 for all new residential construction in Ohio.

Publication Date: 
Friday, July 19, 2013