Step 9. Provide Energy Code Compliance Documentation to the Code Official

A crucial step in building energy code compliance is ensuring that the proper documentation gets to the code official.

The documentation must include everything required by the code official to have as smooth a process as possible. If there is any question as to the documentation required to demonstrate compliance, asking the code official ahead of time is recommended. Refer to the design submittal sheets in Resource 1.

Specific Issues

The most common issue with paperwork, according to code officials, is missing information. Keep in mind that code officials also face resource limitations and missing paperwork will cause delays in the review and approval of the submittal. A brief review of the Enforcement Toolkit is recommended so the residential and commercial build communities are aware of the steps the enforcement officials follow.

It is becoming more common to submit documentation electronically. Be aware of the jurisdiction's requirements if using electronic code compliance. Some jurisdictions require that original, hard-copy signed documents be provided as well.

If using the REScheck or COMcheck software to demonstrate compliance, be sure to pay particular attention to the mandatory requirements that are listed in the Inspection Checklist report. The Inspection Checklist lists the mandatory requirements of the energy code that must be complied with even though the software does not list those requirements in the software user interface, only in the report.


  1. State Compliance, Implementation, and Enforcement Guide (Iowa example)
  2. REScheck Basics—a short video discussing the basics of using the REScheck software for energy code compliance
  3. COMcheck Basics—a short video discussing the basics of using the COMcheck software for energy code compliance