Adoption of Energy Codes

BECP focuses primarily on adoption by states and jurisdictions. The program provides technical assistance and support to assist with the adoption of energy codes and ensure that, once adopted, those documents can be readily complied with and enforced.

Successful code adoption occurs when a variety of political, economic, and technical challenges are overcome. One key component is ensuring the use of suitable code language. Easily understood and enforceable language not only contributes to successful code adoption but also influences compliance and enforcement efforts.

Adoption of energy codes can occur directly through legislative action or by regulatory action through agencies authorized by the legislative body to oversee code development and adoption.

Steps to Support Energy Code Adoption

  1. UNDERSTAND the benefits of code adoption.
  2. IDENTIFY a code support infrastructure.
  3. IDENTIFY the appropriate adoption process and framework.
  4. SELECT the appropriate code for adoption.
  5. DETERMINE crucial components of the energy code: scope and applicability, format, adoption date, and effective date.
  6. OVERCOME the barriers to adoption.
  7. OUTLINE who is responsible for satisfying what is adopted.
  8. RECEIVE assistance on energy code and adoption questions.