Climate Pollution Reduction and Energy Efficiency: Senate Bill 5854 (Washington 2009)


This bill requires ENERGY STAR benchmarking for commercial buildings at time of sale, lease or financing as well as disclosure to transactional counterparties. It will be phased in over 2 years beginning in 2011. It also requires utility data support. Qualifying utilities shall maintain records of the energy consumption data of all non-residential and qualifying public agency buildings to which they provide service and shall upload the energy consumption data for the accounts specified by the owner or operator for a building to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's ENERGY STAR portfolio manager.

In addition, state agencies cannot lease or renew space in a building with less than a "75" on the ENERGY STAR scale. SB 5854 was effective in 2010.

Model Policy Category: 
Energy Audits, Benchmarking, and Disclosure