Stamford Cool & Green 2020 (Stamford, CT 2009)


The "Stamford Cool & Green 2020" incoporates energy efficiency, renewable energy, solid waste/recycling, transportation, and community. Highlights include:

The 10% Challenge is a voluntary program to help households and businesses reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 10%.  The 10% Challenge provides the tools and the information necessary to conserve energy at home and work.

Establish a list of the “top 10” green items or services that are routinely purchased by the city, or which represent a significant cost savings.  Develop a policy to ensure that the green items chosen are purchased.  General areas for consideration shall be cleaners, computers, fleets, office electronics, and paint. 

Stamford adopted single stream recycling on July 1, 2009.  Single stream allows residents to place all recyclable items in one bin, which simplifies the process vastly.  Typically, single stream results in at least a 25% recycling rate increase in municipalities that switch from dual stream.  By complementing the new system with public education, we hope to increase recycling from 10% (last fiscal year figure) to 40% by 2010.

Challenge to the residents of the city to enroll in the CT Clean Energy Options program with a stated goal of making Stamford number one in the state for enrollment and thereby the Cleanest & Greenest energy city in the state.  For every 100 residents who sign up, the city will receive a solar clean energy system.

Model Policy Category: 
Green Building
Lighting Upgrades