Water Conservation Ordinance (Gilbert, AZ 2006)


The original ordinance was signed in 2000, with additional definitions added in 2006 for clarification. Gilbert's water conservation ordinance addresses irrigation water use in new residential developments and commercial properties. Water-intensive landscaping in common areas of a new single family or multi-family development shall not exceed 10% of the total landscapable area in the new development. If reclaimed water is used on such common areas, the town's reclaimed water incentive rate shall be charged. If only reclaimed water is used on common areas, the amount of water-intensive landscaping may increase to 50% of the total landscapable area. In model homes, the following restrictions apply: (a) The combined water-intensive landscaping and water features of model homes in new single-family developments shall not exceed 20% of the landscapable area; (b) Water-intensive landscaping shall be located only where it is functionally useful, such as in play areas or close to the house for energy efficiency; (c) All other plant material shall be low water use plants listed in the most recent low water use plant list approved by the Arizona Department of Water Resources pursuant to the Phoenix Active Management Area Management Plan then in effect. Developers of new developments shall provide an information package on low water use landscaping at the model home site and to homebuyers. The package will be obtained from the town's water conservation officer. In addition, model homes shall have landscaping and irrigation plans approved by the planning department prior to issuance of building permits, for which no variance may be granted. New non-residential developments, that have an estimated annual water use that averages 9,000 gallons per day or more, except turf-related facilities, shall submit a "water conservation plan" as a condition to issuance of a building permit. The water conservation plan shall identify all water uses anticipated by the user and the water conservation measures to be utilized.

Model Policy Category: 
Water and Landscaping