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Document type: Reports and Studies
Publication Date: June 2008
Page Focus: Compliance

This study looked at seven building measures in both the residential and nonresidential sectors to learn how closely actual building practices adhere to newly adopted codes. Data were collected by reviewing permits and conducting verification site visits for a sample of building projects throughout the state. Key findings from this study include quantitative estimates of noncompliance rates for the seven measures, as well as qualitative information about some unexpected complexities associated with data collection efforts around building practices, both at building departments (during permit review) and at building sites (during inspection).

Document type: Reports and Studies
Publication Date: May 2007
Page Focus: Adoption, Compliance

The goal of the study was twofold: 1) to refine the original estimates made of noncompliance, initial market penetration, and naturally occurring market adoption rates by researching and analyzing the factors contributing to each parameter; and 2) to test the 2006 California Energy Efficiency Evaluation Protocols (Evaluation Protocols) as it applies to determining net savings resulting from Program activities.