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Document type: Reports and Studies
Publication Date: December 2012
Page Focus: Adoption

The purpose of this study is to quantify the energy code adoption rate by local jurisdictions from a sample set of 21 states. Some of the states within this sample have statewide energy codes, while others do not. Using construction starts and weighting results by localities that have or have not adopted energy codes, the findings can suggest a means of identifying which states have “effectively” adopted state-wide codes through local adoption and enforcement.

Document type: Reports and Studies
Publication Date: August 2003
Page Focus: Adoption

A study prepared for E-Star Colorado, the Colorado Governor's Office of Energy Management and Conservation, and The Energy Foundation in order to analyze potential energy savings. The conclusion of the report recommends "adopting and enforcing up-to-date energy codes...and surpassing the energy performance specified by [these] codes."

Document type: Reports and Studies
Publication Date: January 2006
Page Focus: Compliance

A report conducted by the Southwest Energy Efficiency Project (SWEEP) that "reviews state and utility programs aimed at stimulating the construction of highly energy-efficient new homes in the states of Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, and Utah."

Document type: Brochures/Fliers
Publication Date: August 2013
Page Focus:

Now in it’s second year, the Institute for Market Transformation will again recognize jurisdictions for exemplary work in achieving energy code compliance with the Standard Bearers: Excellence in Energy Code Compliance Award.