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Document type: Analysis, Technical Support Document
Publication Date: August 2014
Page Focus: Commercial

This report provides the quantitative analysis to assess whether buildings constructed according to the requirements of ANSI/ASHRAE/IES Standard 90.1-2013 would result in improved energy efficiency in commercial buildings. The analysis considered each of the addenda to Standard 90.1-2010 that were included in Standard 90.1-2013.

Document type: Analysis
Publication Date: August 2015
Page Focus: Commercial

This report provides an assessment as to whether new buildings constructed to the commercial energy
efficiency provisions of the 2015 IECC would save energy and energy costs as compared to the 2012
IECC. PNNL also compared the energy performance of the 2015 IECC with the corresponding Standard
90.1-2013. The purpose of this analysis is to help states and local jurisdictions make informed decisions
regarding model code adoption.

Document type: State-specific
Publication Date:
Page Focus: Adoption, Commercial, Residential

The Building Codes Division, part of the Department of Consumer and Business Services, enforces the building code to protect the public and prevent unsafe construction work. Oregon has one statewide building code providing a uniform, consistent and predictable process for Oregon’s construction industry, the public, and state and local government.
Oregon’s building code is applicable in all cities and counties and is enforced locally across the state. The Division provides code enforcement in areas of the state where the local jurisdiction does not.