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Document type: Reports and Studies
Publication Date: July 2008
Page Focus: Adoption, Compliance

This report described the results of a two-year Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance study intended to improve understanding of the new commercial building stock in the Pacific Northwest region. It provided a new regional baseline for practices in commercial buildings constructed between 2002 and 2004 and compared those practices with previous baseline and code compliance studies conducted from 1996 to 1998. The study also looked at changes in design professionals' attitudes toward energy efficiency across the same periods.

Document type: State-specific
Publication Date: February 2019
Page Focus: Compliance

A research project in the state of Idaho identified opportunities to reduce homeowner energy costs in residential single-family new construction by increasing compliance with the current state energy code. The study was initiated in January 2018; data collection began in March 2018 and continued through June 2018. During this period, research teams visited 127 homes during various stages of construction, resulting in a collection of data based on observations made directly in the field. Analysis of the data has led to a better understanding of the energy features present in homes and indicates nearly $500,000 in potential annual savings to Idaho homeowners that could result from increased compliance with the Idaho Energy Conservation Code.