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Document type: Other, Program Information, Reports and Studies
Publication Date: February 2010
Page Focus: Adoption, Code Development, Compliance

In order to provide a basic introduction to the varied and complex issues associated with building energy codes, the U.S. Department of Energy’s Building Energy Codes Program, with valued assistance from the International Codes Council and ASHRAE, has prepared Building Energy Codes 101: An Introduction. This guide is designed to speak to a broad audience with an interest in building energy efficiency, including state energy officials, architects, engineers, designers, and members of the public.

Document type: Brochures/Fliers, Program Information
Publication Date: July 2011
Page Focus: Adoption, Code Development, Compliance

As our country continues to focus on saving energy and reducing emissions in the face of global climate change, it is turning to the building sector for viable solutions. The effects of energy use in residential and commercial buildings are nationwide, worldwide and varied. In the U.S. alone, residential and commercial buildings account for 40% of all energy consumption and 70% of electricity usage.