COMcheck Desktop 4.1.2

What’s new: 

Version addresses the following:

  • 90.1-2013/2016 projects having window U-factors greater than 1.23 were incorrectly getting reset to U-.015 by a third-party library called OpenStudio. This error in OpenStudio gives a notable benefit to these windows. This U-factor reassignment has been corrected and projects that were benefiting in this way will now likely be less compliant.
  • Two bugs were found and fixed when applying 90.1-2013/2016 and the project includes multiple types of fenestration products or when window-wall-ratio is greater than 40%.
  • HVAC systems specified under 90.1-2016 that are evaluated for economizer requirements may have incorrectly been reporting an economizer requirements when cooling capacity is less than 54 kBtu/hr applies. This error has been correctly in this release. 
  • British Columbia projects can now select locations within their jurisdiction while using 90.1-2013/2016.
  • Fenestration performance data sourced from NFRC have been updated.
  • Various report formatting enhancements are included in this release.
  • Support for 2012 North Carolina has been removed.
  • Printing of inspection requirements reports for Massachusetts projects was repaired.
  • Java runtime engine has been upgraded to satisfy changes in download security policy associated with 90.1-2013/2016 weather file downloads.
Release date: 
Wednesday, April 1, 2020