COMcheck Desktop 4.1.5

What’s new: 

Version addresses the following:

  • Revised compliance result messaging when 2015/2018 IECC High Performance HVAC efficiency option is specified
  • Revision to how semi exterior above grade walls are processed
  • Revision to Alteration projects for all energy codes newer than 2015 IECC and 90.1-2013 that allows use of space-by-space lighting specification
  • Revision to NYSTRETCH based codes that use Enhanced Envelope Performance option
  • Revised fenestration computations for projects using performance simulation compliance and that have multiple units specified that have identical performance metrics for a common parent wall unit
  • Removed desktop support for Florida 2017 and Massachusetts and redirecting affected projects to COMcheckWeb.

Version addresses the following:

  • Corrections to were made for the Additional Efficiency Package feature for New York City Appendix CA 90.1-2016 compliance method.

Version addresses the following:

  • Support for determining code compliance using Denver – 2018 IECC, Denver – 90.1-2016, and New York Stretch (NYSTRETCH) energy codes have been added.

See also Release Notes from Version 4.1.4

Release date: 
Wednesday, May 13, 2020