REScheck-Web pilot

The DOE Building Energy Codes Program (BECP) has released a pilot version of REScheck-Web for review and feedback.  We have updated the app with several modern functions, including a dashboard of your projects, the ability to share projects with colleagues, the ability to create individual user profiles, and much more. 

Specifically, we are looking for feedback on the overall design, the value of new (and old) features, whether or not the workflow and input specification is intuitive and logical, what features are missing, and what features should be added, etc.

While most of the features are functional, some key features are hardwired “example” data intended to illustrate the look and feel of the feature once it is fully operational.  Non-functional features include:  project sharing, user preferences, compliance results including mandatory checklist requirements, and the compliance report.

We would appreciate you taking a few minutes to review the new app and provide us input.  We anticipate this modernized version will replace the existing REScheck-Web in early 2017.

You may access the new app at:  Once in the app, you may access the feedback form from any page using the blue button at the top of the screen.  There is also a Getting Started link under Help (on the right side of the home screen) that provides information on the new features. 

We would appreciate your feedback by December 14.

Thank you in advance for helping us with this important development effort.