90.1 Prototype Building Models 90.1-2010 - Large Hotel
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The ASHRAE Standard 90.1 prototype building models were developed by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in support of the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE's) Building Energy Codes Program. These prototype buildings were derived from DOE's Commercial Reference Building Models. This suite of ASHRAE Standard 90.1 prototype buildings covers all the Reference Building types except supermarket, and also adds a new building prototype representing high-rise apartment buildings.The prototype models include 16 building types in 17 climate locations for ASHRAE Standards 90.1-2004, 90.1-2007,  90.1-2010, 90.1-2013, and 90.1-2016. This combination leads to a set of 1360 building models (in EnergyPlus Version 8.0). Also included is a scorecard for each prototype building. The scorecard is a spreadsheet that summarizes the building descriptions, thermal zone internal loads, schedules and other key modeling input information.