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Energy Performance Evaluation of New Homes in Arkansas

Document Type: State-specific
Publication Date:

From August 1997 to September 1999, one hundred new Arkansas homes were evaluated in two areas in the state where there was significant building activity in order to determine the energy performance of current building practices. One of the positive findings was that homes are now being built significantly tighter than a few years ago. Homes built in the early to 1990's were experiencing an average of 0.5 natural air changes per hour (NACH), an acceptable level considered normal for new construction Only 24 homes in this evaluation had leakage rates exceeding 0.4 NACH; the majority of homes (58 percent) had leakage rates of 0.35 and under.

Arkansas Residential Energy Code Field Study

Document Number: PNNL-26546
Document Type: Field Study, Reports and Studies, State-specific
Publication Date:

A research project in the State of Arkansas investigated the energy code-related aspects of unoccupied, newly constructed, single family homes across the state. The study followed a DOE-prescribed methodology, which allowed the project team to build an empirical data set based on observations made directly in the field.