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Assistance for Latest and Zero Building Energy Code Adoption

U.S. DOE State and Community Programs (SCEP) announces up to $400 million to support the latest model energy codes and zero codes in states and local governments across the country. 

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The COMcheck software and web tools simplify and clarify energy code compliance with the IECC, standard (ASHRAE Standard 90.1), and a number of state-specific energy codes.



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The REScheck software and web tools simplify residential energy code compliance by automating trade-off calculations for the IECC and a number of state-specific codes.

Help Desk

Help Desk

Submit technical questions about building energy codes, REScheck or COMcheck projectsor BECP website content.

State Energy Codes



View building energy code-related events and opportunities for participation in Building Energy Codes Program activities, such as stakeholder meetings, webinars, and comment periods.  


The Building Energy Codes Program (BECP) provides a comprehensive collection of information and resources designed to answer questions and address issues related to energy codes.


The Building Energy Codes Program (BECP) offers a variety of training resources related to the world of energy codes, ranging from overviews to a variety of special topics and tutorials.