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BECP Early Career Award

The Early Career Award for Excellence in the Advancement of Building Energy Codes recognizes early career professionals with outstanding pursuits surrounding building energy codes and encourages continued growth in the field. DOE is introducing this award at the 2024 National Energy Codes Conference and plans to award it annually moving forward.

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Download the BECP Early Career Award application.

Nomination Criteria

Nominees must meet the following criteria:

  • Maximum Age Requirement: 35 years of age or under. Applicant should be relatively early in their career.
  • Commitment: Has a proven dedication to increase energy efficiency by advancing building energy codes or building performance standards. For example, a commitment and contribution to advancing progressive energy codes or facilitating tools and resources that promote the adoption, implementation, and enforcement of building energy codes.
  • Innovation: Fosters new ideas to problem-solve or address needs that lead to energy savings and decarbonization through the use of building energy codes or building performance standards. The nominee has shown the ability to continually learn, grow, and adapt, and is willing to pursue innovative ideas.
  • Collaboration: Advances building energy codes and building performance standards through robust stakeholder engagement. The nominee seeks input from and fosters support to build consensus among a diverse range of constituents to implement new ideas or approaches.
  • Passion: The nominee is a change agent who exudes passion for energy efficiency as a path to a sustainable world. The nominee’s excitement and enthusiasm inspire others to create and implement innovative solutions.