Status of State Energy Code Adoption

Adoption is assessed based on a quantitative analysis of energy savings impacts within a given state. This provides a greater level of accuracy and replaces the previous approach, which was comprised of a simpler qualitative review of state code titles and provisions.  Learn more.

Commercial Code Adoption Status

Updated as of 3/31/21

Building energy codes will save U.S. home and business owners an estimated $126 billion and 841 million metric tons of avoided carbon dioxide emissions through 2040.  Learn more.

DOE tracks the adoption of energy codes across the U.S. for commercial and residential buildings. More information is available, including additional background on the methodology, as well as state-specific analysis and characterizations.  Learn more.

State Adoption

Select a state for more detail on the status of its energy codes: 

Status of State Energy Codes

Local Adoption

The International Code Council (ICC) tracks the adoption of building energy codes by local jurisdiction.

More Information

Additional resources and information on initiatives to increase energy efficiency through the adoption of state and local building energy codes are also available:

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