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Do electric central furnaces qualify for the High Performance HVAC Efficiency package in the 2012 IECC?


Electric central furnace does not qualify for the High Performance HVAC efficiency package. ALL systems in a project must meet the criteria of C406.2 and if your system(s) cannot be found in C406.2 then by default it does not qualify. In these cases if you want to use the electric central furnace then you have to choose a different additional efficiency package.

The following is the code section that enforces this:

C406.2 Efficient HVAC performance. Equipment shall meet the minimum efficiency requirements of Tables C406.2.(1) through C406.2(7) in addition to the requirements in Section C403. This section shall only be used where the equipment efficiencies in Tables C406.2(1) through C406.2(7) are greater than the equipment efficiencies listed in Table C403.2.3(1) through 403.2.3(7) for the equipment type.