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How can a COMcheck-Web or REScheck-Web project be shared with other team members?


To share a particular project with others on COMcheck-Web or REScheck-Web, you have a couple options:

  1. One option is to share the log in credentials with them and save all edits to the project under that account. If you are concerned about others having access to your personal account you can set up an independent account (using a unique email from your own present account) and create or upload the project to that new "shared" account.
  2. The other option is to take advantage of the Sharing feature in REScheck-Web (see the Getting Started document for details), or download a COMcheck-Web project from your personal account to your desktop then email or hand off the downloaded project file (e.g., myProjectFile.cxl) to other team members. The other team members would each have to upload that cxl file to their account. To do this:
    • Use the button to the right of the "Project Title" edit box (top center of screen) in the Web app. (The upload features requires you to be logged into your account.)
    • Once logged in, the Upload feature is available by clicking My Projects (upper right area of screen)
    • then at the bottom of the popup window click the "Upload project from my computer..." hyperlink
    • click on "Browse...". Navigate to the file on your PC and when selected click Upload.

    Note: if you have many projects already loaded in your account you might need to click All at the top of the My Projects window to see all the projects. Otherwise, only the more recently used projects are listed.