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ASHRAE Standard 90.1 Performance Based Compliance Form

This spreadsheet-based compliance form meets the documentation requirements of Standards 90.1-2016 and 2019 Section 11 Energy Cost Budget Method and Appendix G Performance Rating Method. It helps the modeler establish simulation inputs for the baseline/budget and proposed design models and includes a submittal checklist to ensure that all necessary supporting documentation is included in the submittal. It standardizes compliance documentations and simplifies submittal reviews by code officials and administrators of above code program implementers.

What's new:

This version of the Compliance Form supports a handful of features on MacOS such as data exporting and reporting. A number of other usability improvements were made in addition to a small number of bug fixes which can be found on the "Revision Log" tab.

Version:  V3.2

Release Date:  August 30, 2023


90.1 Section 11 and Appendix G Compliance*

* Zip file contains a blank compliance form and a sample project:

  • 90.1 Section 11 and Appendix G Compliance Form V3.2.xlsm
  • 90.1 Section 11 and App G Lighting Import Workbook R0.xlsm
  • Sample 90.1 Section 11 and Appendix G Compliance Form V3.2a.xlsm