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ASHRAE Standard 90.1 Performance Based Compliance Form Companion Tool

This Companion Tool is designed to be used in conjunction with the DOE/PNNL ASHRAE 90.1 Section 11 and Appendix G Compliance Form (i.e., Compliance Form). The process is that submitters first fill out the Compliance Form and import the data entered into the Compliance Form into this tool to perform additional/custom calculations. AHJs/RAs can select in-built custom/additional calculations to be performed. Examples of in-built additional/custom calculations include but are not limited to determining performance in alternative metrics such as site energy, source energy or GHG emissions and determining savings by fuel and end use. Please see the "Instructions for AHJs and RAs" tab in the Companion Tool for a complete list. AHJs/RAs can add as many tabs as desired in order to perform additional calculations relevant to the AHJ/RA's program. This video demonstrates how to use the companion tool.

What's New

This version of the Companion Tool supports 90.1-2022, has the ability to produce PDF compliance reports, and has a number of additional AHJ customization options, usability improvements, and bug fixes which can be found on the "Revision Log" tab.

Version:  v1.1

Release Date:  May 6, 2024


ASHRAE Standard 90.1 Performance Based Compliance Form Companion Tool v1.1