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2018 National Energy Codes Conference

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Thank you for joining us July 15-17, 2018 in Austin, Texas for the 2018 National Energy Codes Conference, hosted by the U.S. Department of Energy! We're glad you could join us for this exclusive opportunity to participate in a lively, solution focused forum for all topics related to building energy codes, with a special focus on compliance.

Conference Resources

Full Conference Program

Session Moderators, Speakers, and Bios

Keynote Speaker — Stephen Costello

Jeffrey A. Johnson Award

The Jeffrey A. Johnson Award recognizes excellence and leadership in the advancement of building energy codes. This award is presented annually at the National Energy Codes Conference. Learn more.


Copies of presentations are available to view/download from the associated speaker links below.

Pre-Conference: Sunday, July 15

Day 1: Monday, July 16

Keynote Speaker

Building Science: It's Not Just for the Academics

  • Building Science: It's Not Just for the Academics; Table R402.4.1.1; Robby Schwarz, EnergyLogic, Inc.
  • HVAC & the Energy Code; Manuals J and S in the IECC; John Umphress, Austin Energy
  • Energy Codes are Life-Safety Codes; The Building Science Proves It!; Shaunna Mozingo, The Mozingo Code Group
  • Energy Code Conference; Rebecca Morris, TightLines Designs

It Takes a Village! How Policy and Nontraditional Code Stakeholders are Changing the Codes Conversation

  • Introduction Slides; Christina Rohrbacher, NEEP
  • Zero Energy Ready Oregon (ZERO); Anthony Roy, Earth Advantage
  • Rhode Island Energy Codes: Expanding Participation & Engagement; Becca Trietch, Rhode Island Office of Energy Resources
  • It Takes a Village! How Policy and Nontraditional Code Stakeholders are Changing the Codes Conversation; Christie Baumel, USDN
  • It Takes a Village! How Policy and Nontraditional Code Stakeholders are Changing the Codes Conversation; Ellen Vaughan, EESI

Progressively Effective Energy Codes

  • Commercial Code Enhancement (CCE) Initiative; Sharon Grant, NEEA
  • Commercial Code Enhancement (CCE) Initiative; John Jennings, NEEA

Where We are Going with Energy Code Compliance

  • Performance Path Survival Guide; Kimberly Cheslak, IMT
  • The factor driving commercial energy code compliance and advancement of code; Brad Smith, City of Fort Collins

Day 2: Tuesday, July 17

The Nexus of Building Energy Codes to Water and Air Quality Benefits

  • Code Development for Water & Energy Efficiency; Ed Osann, Natural Resources Defense Council
  • Water Ratings: Oh, the Data They'll Bring; Mike Collignon, Green Builder® Coalition
  • Energy Codes: A Health Perspective; Chris Perry, ACEEE
  • WaterSense® Water Data & Tools; Jonah Schein, US EPA – WaterSense Program

ERI Compliance Path, Opportunities and Challenges

  • Home Energy Rating Variability Study; Jeremy Williams, DOE Building Energy Codes Program
  • RESNET Quality Assurance Efforts; Ryan Meres, RESNET
  • Energy Rating Index Calculation Consistency; Dave Roberts, NREL

Multifamily Codes Cram Session

  • How RESNET & IECC are adapting for Multifamily (or not); Gayathri Vijayakumar, Steven Winter Associates, Inc.
  • Field Applications of MF Infiltration Testing in the NE; Michael Browne, Advanced Building Analysis, LLC
  • Advanced Measures for Multifamily Projects; Eric Makela, New Buildings Institute

New Tools to Aid Energy Code Compliance

  • 2015 IECC Residential and the IC3; Shirley Ellis, Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station
  • The "CheckTools" Perspective; Bob Schultz, PNNL
  • Enhancing Inspections with Digital Data Collection; Elliot Seibert, US EPA

Residential Energy Code Compliance Toolbox

  • Kentucky Residential Energy Code Study – Data Driven Results; Chris Burgess, MEEA
  • Construction Instruction Overview; Justin Wilson, Construction Instruction Inc.

Third Party Professionals and Commercial Energy Codes

  • New York Commercial Energy Code Business Opportunities; Ken Baker
  • 3rd-Party Code Services New York Updates; Jeffrey Domanski, IBTS
  • 2015 IECC Commissioning Requirements, Application and Enforcement; Gerald J Kettler, Facility Performance Associates

Advancing Technology Here Today or Coming Next Year and How Buildings are Part of the Scale

  • Advancing Technologies in Energy Storage; Sharon Bonesteel, SRP
  • Smart Thermostats/Demand Response; Scott Jarman, Austin Energy
  • California's 2020 Residential Solar Mandate; Could This Work In Your State?; Joe Cain, SEIA